Canada Canada vs. Nigeria Nigeria

Tuesday, June 5th 2011, 20.45 CET

The last game of Group A in the FIFA Women’s World cup sees a “hopeless” duel between Canada and Nigeria, neither of which having any chance of going into the quarter finals. Both teams lost twice against Germany and France (maybe Canada more than Nigeria), and they’re both hoping for a win in their last match in this year’s Women’s World Cup in Germany.

The teams only met once in the history of the Women’s World Cup: back in 1995 when the game ended a whopping 3-3. For Nigeria it was their first point and goal achieved at that World Cup, while this was Canada’s first point as well. Since then, Canada have been getting good, finishing 4th place in 2003. However, they failed to qualify from the group stage in 2007, ending their trip earlier than expected. Unfortunately, the Canadians are seeing a re-run of what happened in 2007 this year, but at least now they have a chance of “ending on a high note”.

As for Nigeria, they are a “regular” at Women’s World Cups, having taken part in every edition of the championship so far. They only managed to get out of the groups once, in 1999. Back then, they lost 4-3 to the Brazilians in the quarter finals, and ever since they’ve been struggling to get out of the groups. Their experience can already be seen, after the Super Falcons gave Germany and France a hard time defeating them (both matches ended 1-0). This unlike Canada, who lost 4-0 to France and 2-1 to Germany.

Tomorrow, both teams will try to win, but not for the points as much as for the fans. It is enjoyable to watch such games because, with not too much at stake, you can see real, relaxed football and you can see the players enjoying the game. Too bad it’s at the same time with the other group A game between Germany and France. Nevertheless, I’m staking one unit on a Canadian victory in this battle! Odds are 1.8, so they’re pretty ok.

Prediction: Canada to win for 1 unit

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