Canada vs. Nigeria Nigeria

Tuesday, June 5th 2011, 20.45 CET

I honestly did not see much of this game, my attention was on the France vs. Germany clash which happened at the same time. As for the Canada vs. Nigeria Women’s World Cup football game, it was not good for my overall betting bankroll. I lost one unit betting on a Canadian win. However, as it turns out, Nigeria got the three points with a late scorer, and end their point-less (like, no points won) run at the World Cup since 1999.

Full-timeThis game, as explained in the prediction here, was not fought over the points at stake. This because both teams were already eliminated since before the game started. Nevertheless, both wanted to end their Women’s World Cup run on a high note, and there could have been just one of the two that could do so. This was Nigeria. Nkwocha’s goal in the 73rd minute of play ensured a long-awaited victory for the West African girls.

A strange thing happened during the game: in the 70th minute or so, the lights went out in Dresden, and since the game was played in late evening, it was halted until the problem could be fixed. That’s unexpected, especially on German soil. Nts nts nts Germany… Anyway, 10 minutes later the game resumed. And shortly afterwards, Nkwocha was at the end of a diverted shot coming from Glory Iroka, she took advantage of her position and, with a bit of luck, shot the ball past Canada’s goalkeeper to land it in the net. After this, Sinclair had one last chance for the North Americans, but the Nigerian goalie streched long enough to keep the ball away.

Reading the news, I see the match has been pretty interesting in its beginnings, with Nigeria hitting the post twice in the first half, and with Sinclair sprouting trouble for the Nigerian goalie throughout the game. The game ended 10 minutes later than scheduled, with a happy Nigerian team.

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