England England 1 – 1 / 1 – 1 / 3 – 4 France France

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 18.00 CET

France did a fantastic job to turn the game around in the last 2 minutes of play! The English already saw themselves in the semi-finals (commentator was constatly repeating that), but in the 88th minute, Bussaglia had a great shot from distance and beat the British goalkeeper, drawing the match and sending it to the added time.

During added time, France was more aggressive and their repeated flank attacks were keeping the English defenders busy. England had one or two chances on the counter attacks, but eventually the added time finished and the score remained the same.

At the penalty shootout, first came Camille Abily, who had her shot blocked. A series of goals came afterwards, and eventually Claire Rafferty of England shot wide in their 4th attempt. Le Sommer then scored for France, while the last penalty, that of Faye White hit the crossbar, and France were qualified!

I had two bets on this match, and I won one and lost the other. Overall, I won +0.25 units. I predicted that both teams scored, which they did, and that brought me 2.25 units. But then I also predicted that the game would have more than 2.5 goals, which it didn’t. I lost 2 units there. Overall, a very small gain for a very exciting game. I am content.

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