Equatorial_Guinea Equatorial Guinea vs. Brazil Brazil

Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 18.15 CET

This is a match which I would watch because of the sheer awesomeness of Marta’s play, not at all for its importance in this year’s edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Brazil is already qualified, and Equatorial Guinea is already eliminated. I guess you can say that this match shows just “how much” the situation is so. But unless you’re a true Equatorial Guinean or Brazilian fan, I’d recommend you check out the other, seemingly more exciting game of group D between Australia and Norway, held in Leverkusen at the same time. As for Brazil’s last group game, granted it would be fun to watch, it’s better to keep it as a sports betting option.

Brazil vs AustraliaEquatorial Guinea comes after two close defeats, one against Norway in the first game and one against Australia last weekend. They’re already eliminated, and after their last defeat, they’re definitely way down morale-wise. Ever more so because their last game is against Brazil, by far the toughest rival in Group D. I don’t think they can save face in that one.

Brazil is at the total opposite end of the morale spectrum. They’re showed their magic against Norway (3-0), and they have yet to concede a goal. They’re already qualified and statistically, they’re better than either Sweden or USA, their potential quarter final rivals. Perhaps they’ll be resting their main players, Marta included, for Wednesday’s game against Equatorial Guinea. After all, I don’t expect them to have a hard time winning that game.

The bookies are making it obvious: with only 1.06 odds for Brazil, why even bother betting? If you’re fine with the .06 spread, go for it, but mark my words: don’t bet the ranch. However sure a bet seems, it’s still a bet, and you should still be cautious. More interesting here would be to bet on the score, in which I would go for an O2.5.

Prediction: Brazil to win/over 2.5 goals scored

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