North_Korea Korea DPR/North Korea vs. Colombia Colombia

Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 20.45 CET

Group C, just like Group A, has already picked its winners. In this group, Sweden and USA each have 6 points, so that means that regardless of what happens in the last matches (North Korea vs. Colombia and Sweden vs. USA), the two teams go in the quarter finals. Thus, the Korea DKR vs. Colombia game will only provide a chance for the two teams to end their World Cup stage with a victory. Too bad for the two teams to have ended up in a group with such giants. At least North Korea, despite ending up in a group with Sweden and USA last edition (2007), they managed to go into the quarter finals, where they eventually got eliminated. Now it seems the two teams will pack up early.

North Korea did well during the World Cup’s 2007 edition, despite heavy adversaries. This year too, the Korea DPR team stood their ground admirably against Sweden, in a match in which for over an hour the two teams were equally matched. Maybe what they lacked was a bit of luck, because tactics-wise they were arguably superior to the Swedish. Nevertheless, add to that game the defeat against the US and you get a pretty disappointed squad. Pity, because they were clearly eager to win last time, and gave the Swedes some really frightening moments towards the end of the game. All in all, a good performance so far from Korea DPR, and a victory against Columbia would, I think, bring justice to the Asian squad.

Colombia, unlike North Korea, has no history of the FIFA Women’s World Cup except their participation this year. Which saw two losses so far. Though they somewhat managed to contain the Swedes during their first World Cup game, losing it just 1-0, they were totally dominated by the US, ending that game at 3-0. Right now their morale could not be worse, since their first ever appearance at this tournament turned out to be a failure. But maybe not? Maybe they’ll give an impressive performance on Wednesday? Honestly, I don’t think so. They barely managed to contain Sweden, and granted that can always happen again (though it was not the case against the USA), North Korea will be much more motivated and able to win.

As for my football tip or soccer prediction (trying to use as many keywords as possible 🙂 ), I will go for a North Korean victory at O2.5. So that’s two bets: first, two units on North Korea at 1.5 odds on Bwin, and second, 1 unit on O2.5 bet at 2.00 odds at Bwin. Though I’m not sure about my second bet, I can confidently suggest the first one: go with North Korea guys, they’ll go all Russian on their asses!

 Prediction: North Korea to win for 2 units and O2.5 for 1 unit.

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