New Zealand New Zealand vs. Mexico Mexico

Tuesday, July 5th 2011, 18.15 CET

Although this match is not as exciting as the England vs. Japan one, it is worth watching or at least, worth betting on. While New Zealand is already out of the World Cup with 0 points so far, Mexico with their 1 point still have a chance to go through if England loses or equalizes and they kick New Zealand’s ass good.

Both sides come after humiliating defeats. New Zealand lost 2-1 to England and saw their hopes shattered after dominating the game for over an hour. It was a depressing view, but the crowds in Dresden made it a lot more bearable for the New Zeeland girls, who now want to repay their fans with a victory against Mexico.

Mexico, on the other hand, come after a 4-0 defeat to Japan. Even the slightest momentum gained after their draw with England perished in the duel against the japanese right from the start. Although in the game against England they were also dominated from an early stage, they totally lost it against Japan. After the japanese scored in the 13th minute, Mexico had nothing else but to chase the Japanese girls in hope of an equalizer. That didn’t happen, and right now they’re counting on a victory and on a lot of luck to get past the group stages.

According to most bookies, the advantage lies with the Mexican side, given 2.1 odds at Bwin. A draw is priced at 3.3 odds, the same as a New Zeeland win tomorrow. It’s a tough call this match, since we don’t know the motivation of each team. As the game starts at the same time as the England vs. Japan one, any goal of the english will throw the Mexicans off, since they can only qualify if England loses or, at most, draws. My football tip feeling goes with a Mexican victory. I’m not that sure on my football prediction though, so I’m just going to stake one unit on a Mexican victory. Soccer tips and football predictions which are this close should not be taken for granted, so I would recommend you stay out of this game alltogether.

Prediction: Mexico to win for 1 unit

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