Sweden Sweden 3 – 1 Australia Australia

Sunday, July 10th 2011, 13.00 CET

This was a straightforward result, with Sweden dominating the game in both halves in Augsburg. They started with two early goals, but the Aussies were really eager to get back into the game. Sweden’s two goals came 5 minutes apart, in the 11th and 16th minutes of the first half. Australia were desperate to get back into the game, and in the 40th minute, Ellyse Perry scored a fantastic goal for the Matildas from the edge of the box. That gave the Aussies hope in the break time.

With the second half under way, the Aussies kept their momentum, but the Swedish tactics and superior phisical strength proved too much for them, conceding a goal in the 52nd minute. The match ended 3 to 1. I lost both bets, and 3 units in total. One was that the game would have under 3.5 goals, and the other that Sweden would win 2 to 1. Actually, if the game ended at half time both would have been right. But that one goal of the Swedes in the second half totally threw off my bets.

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