Ivo Karlović vs. Jimmy Wang (recap)


Ivo Karlovic Ivo Karlović vs. Jimmy Wang Jimmy Wang

Thursday, August 28th 2012, 16.00 CET

The Taiwanese tennis player Jimmy Wang has defeated his opponent, Ivo Karlović, which implies that I have lost the 5 units I bet. The former No. 14, Ivo Karlović, could only resist 3 hours and 3 minutes on the tennis court.

I felt really sorry for him, judging by the fact that his 32 aces – the most served by any other player in the tournament – were not enough for him to achieve a victory. The score was also pretty dramatic. Karlović won the first set at tiebreak, and then Wang won the next three, and this was how the final score eventually looked like: 7-6(3), 6-7(8), 6-1, 6-4.

In fact, since June 2011, this was the first victory of Wang over a top-100 player, so this result was a bit unpredictable judging by the statistics, and also by the current positions of the players in the ATP ranking. Moreover, the two surgeries he undergone led him to a slow evolution between 2007 and 2010. Fortunately, he seems to make an imposing comeback. Regarding the given situation, he affirmed that his goal is to reach the top 100 and get better results than ever before (his highest position in the ATP ranking was 85 six years ago).

Result: -5 units, bet lost

Ivo Karlović vs. Jimmy Wang (prediction)


Ivo_Karlovic Ivo Karlović vs. Jimmy Wang Jimmy Wang

Thursday, August 28th 2012, 16.00 CET

Tomorrow at the US Open there is going to be a match between the Croatioan Ivo Karlović, rnaked 75 in the ATP, and Jimmy Wang from China, number 182 in the ATP ranking.

At first sight, judging by the position of each player in the ATP rankigs, the result of the match seems pretty predictable. Ivo Karlović is the favorite at winning the match and qualifying for the second round at the US Open. Karlović is 6 years older than his competitor, which might be either good or bad for him. On one hand, it is good because he is much more experienced than the younger Jimmy Wang. On the other, a tennis player at 33 years is considered to be at the end of his career, so his physical strength and stamina might not be as good as his opponent’s. Moreover, there have been many times in tennis when an unknown player managed to defeat his much better ranked opponent and made a tournament’s surprise. However, I don’t think that this is going to be the case. Jimmy Wang’s performances have not been as bright as a professional tennis player as they used to be when he was a junior. His best results until now have been two Grand Slams finals, one at Australian Open with Janko Tipsarević and the other at US Open when he faced Gilles Müller, and one semifinal at Wimbledon with Roman Valent. That would sound really impressive if I wasn’t talking about a junior career. After that, his performance as a professional was flat and tasteless, and I don’t think that at 27 he is still able to make a surprise…but one never knows.

Both players are right-handed, and they both started playing tennis relatively late, Jimmy Wang at the age of seven and Ivo Karlović at the age of six. Even if Karlović’s results have also been declining due to the passing of years, he has always been much better ranked than his opponent. For example, while the highest position reached by Jimmy Wang in the ATP rankings was 85 in 2006, Ivo Karlović was even number 14 in 2008. In their only head to-head confrontation up to date, Karlović won.

Another difference that will undoubtedly matter will be the player’s physical condition, because Ivo Karlović is really huge (208 cm) in comparison with Jimmy Wang, who measures only 178 cm in height. Therefore, Karlović is definitely holding the advantage of the service.

In conclusion, I am going to place a bet on Karlović’s victory, and I am going to bet 5 units at 1.73. The odds I used are from William Hill.

 Ivo Karlović to win for 5 units

Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic Summer Olympics (prediction)


Andy_Murray Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic Novak_Djokovic

Friday, August 3rd 2011, 14.45 CET

Semifinals of the Olympics – recent runner-up of the Wimbledon tournament against the not-so-long-ago no.1 in the tour.

However, Djokovic recently was sometimes quite shaky. I don’t know if he became complacent or what, but the truth is – he lost a set to Fognini, he had huge problems with Hewitt and beating Tsonga also didn’t come him without problems in 2nd set.

Murray of course is not flawless, which could be visible especially against Baghdatis, who managed to break Murray serve twice including the second time to nil, right after Murray managed to get back on even terms. Nevertheless, Andy Murray on Wimbledon has shown great spirit (epic fight with Ferrer) and some equisite skills. The crowd loves him, and even yesterday in mixed doubles match he got a lot of cheering.

H2H 8:5 to Djokovic, indicates he’s the favorite here. In last 10 matches (since 2008), 5 were won by Djokovic, 5 by Murray, and that’s how I see this match – more or less equal, with slight Djokovic advantage.

My play? I chose to go with Andy Murray for 3 units at 2.54 odds on IBCBET.

Andy Murray to win for 3 units

Nadal vs. Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 final (03.07.2011 – recap)


Rafael_Nadal Rafael Nadal vs. NOVAK DJOKOVIC Novak_Djokovic

Sunday, July 3rd 2011, 15.00 CET

Novak Djokovic won the Wimbledon final for his first time! And I won my bet, so I get 3.45 units extra! It was a very exciting game, ending at 6-4 6-1 1-6 6-3, with the victor hugging the grass pitch just after winning the match point. More than that actually: after shaking hands with Nadal at the net (whom he beat the 5th time in a Masters final this year!), Djokovic went to his bench, grabbed a blade of grass out of the loan and tried to eat it! And before lifting the trophy, his excitement was so great that 3 of his rackets reached the gone-crazy crowds in London.

This victory makes Djokovic’s performance this year reach 48 wins and 1 loss. He also just won his first grass-court trophy in his career! He was watched, among others, by Boris Tadic, the Serbian president who came to London to see his co-national beat the best tennis player in the world and in the process, becoming himself the best. Even Nadal acknowledged that Djokovic was better, with Djokovic affirming that this is the best day of his life. He certainly made that clear with his happiness after the game!

What brought victory to Djokovic was his positioning across the field and his precise shots which made him win the first two sets (the second one at 6-1!). Great movement by Djokovic, which totally threw Nadal off. The Spaniard went back in the game in the third set, winning it 1-6, but it was too much of Nadal to keep the same game quality in the fourth set which he lost 6-3 against an increasingly-excited and determined Djokovic.

Overall it was a great game, and a good bet as well! Sad to see Wimbledon is already over, but I’m looking forward for the next matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011! Stay tuned for more!

Nadal vs. Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 final (03.07.2011 – Prediction)


Rafael NAdal Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic

Sunday, July 3rd 2011, 15.00 CET


Wimbledon so far

The great Wimbledon 2011 tennis tournament is finally coming to an end this Sunday, with the clash between the two giants of world tennis: spaniard Rafael Nadal, rated 1st, and serbian Novak Djokovic rated 2nd. Both players have had a great run in their season this year, with Nadal winning the Roland Garros earlier this year, while Djokovic suffered his first defeat against Roger Federer in the Roland Garros semi-finals.


At this point, Djokovic managed to secure the second place in the world ATP rankings, also due to Federer’s (the former #2) unexpected exit from Wimbledon in the quarter finals at the hands of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. The Frenchman gave Djokovic quite a headache in the semi-finals, when the game had to be decided in the 4th set.

Nadal, on the other hand, saw Murray challenging him in the semi-finals, just like he did in Roland Garros. As then, Nadal won, but it was a hard-fought victory, with the Englishman clearly improving his performance since earlier this year. It was a disappointment for the English crowd at Wimbledon, but it definitely gave Nadal his well-deserved recognition.


Nadal vs Djokovic


The two contenders

Rafael NadalRafael Nadal, the world’s best tennis player at the moment, is clearly enjoying one of his best seasons yet. He’s has a flawless performance throughout the year, with 3 Grand Slam titles won this year: Roland Garros, the Open in Barcelona and the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo. He’s clearly having a great time on clay, but so far in Wimbledon he’s proven that grass is no match for his quick moves either.


For Nadal, this is his fifth consecutive Wimbledon final this year, and he hasn’t lost a match in the tennis world’s most famous tournament since his 2007 defeat in the finals. Winning this year would bring him his third Wimbledon title, and his 11th Grand Slam.


Novak DjokovicNovak Djokovic, regardless of this afternoon’s result, will become ATP’s number one tennisman, replacing Rafael Nadal. That’s because once the points from Wimbledon get added, Nadal will be slightly behind Djokovic even if the latter loses this afternoon. And it’s only fair that Djokovic outrank Nadal: they met 4 times this year already, each time in a Masters final, and Djokovic won each time! Twice on clay and in straight sets! So that should tell you something about his adaptability. Plus, Djokovic only lost once this year: against Federer in Roland Garros.


This year it’s going to be a special one: the first time a player other than Nadal or Federer receives the #1 award. This only confirms Djokovic’s outstanding form, with seven titles won in six months and with a blatantly confident attitude ahead of today’s game.


The game

Ahead of today’s game, both players seem fit and share a lot of strengths. They both have great stamina and mental resilience, especially Djokovic who clearly improved these skills this year. Other than that, their serves are excellent and they both are very comfortable in their forward and sideward movements. Among these similarities, some differences (definitely key differences ahead of today’s game) are hidden: Djokovic’s drop shot and acute-angled touch volley will be powerful weapons should he decide to come closer to the net. Other than that, Djokovic has great precision in finding the corners, even with the fastest shots. This will surely make Nadal run endlessly to keep his ground.


Nadal has his strengths too. His left-hand game forever worked in his favour in the form of cross-field forehand missles. Here however, Djokovic’s powerful backhand might come in handy for the Serbian, so it will be interesting to see these balls play out. Just like Djokovic, or actually more than him, Nadal impresses with his precision of shots. Statistically he is superior, but take net points played for instance: 146 to 144 is way too small a difference to give an accurate decision on who is more precise.



Taking in all the points made in the article, this tennis game will be very tight and a tennis betting prediction is hard to make. All of you sports bettors should know that tennis is often more unpredictable than football betting, and sports tips in tennis should not be taken for granted. Saying that, I predict a victory for Djokovic in the 4th or 5th set. First of all because they play on grass, and second because Nadal suffers from a (slight) injury since Friday, and that will make him less agile towards the end of the game, when I feel Djokovic will take the lead and eventually win.


My prediction therefore is for Djokovic to win. He has 2.15 odds on Bwin, and it’s a good score for a 3 unit stake.


Prediction: Djokovic to win for 3 units




Tennis on 13.03.2011 – recap


Ryan Sweeting Ryan Sweeting vs. Juan Monaco Juan Monaco

This is the first tennis match that I record on this blog in which I lose my bet 🙁 I really underestimated Sweeting in this post. I ignored too much the fact that the american was playing on home soil (the crowds loved him, I’ve heard). I watched a short analysis on the news this morning, since I didn’t watch the game (it was at 1.30AM here in Holland).

Statistics-wise, the game is surprisingly balanced, although this is not reflected in the score: 61 06 61. By the way, if you want a site with really good statistics and live tickers, click here. The score reflects really strange performances from both players: After losing 6 to 1 in the first set, Monaco comes back into the game and wins 6 to 0 the second one, only to lose 6 to 1 the last and decisive set! I really wished I watched this because I don’t understand what happened.

I suppose it mostly had to do with the fact that Monaco missed 8 out of 11 break points, while Sweeting missed only 4 out of 9. But overall, very few aces (2 for each player), just one double foul (unlike the Nieminen – Montanes game) and very balanced statistics. I don’t know, I’ll just wait for a more detailed report to appear on the web. Yesterday there was no sign of anything, all I found were statistics and a quick discussion on menstennisforums.com. Oh, and I lost my bet here: I had bet 2 units on a win by Monaco.

Bellucci/Harrison vs. Cilic/Karlovic

This game was broadcasted at the same time (1.30AM), so I didn’t see it live, I watched a replay this morning. I did anticipate it right though, and Bwin gave me 1.8 units for my prediction 😀 The game had a score of 64 36 810, so you could say it was rather intense. As I anticipated in this post, the Croatians worked better together and bravely faced the tension towards the end of the game.

The first set started with the croatians taking advantage at 3-1, but the pair Thomasz Bellucci / Ryan Harrison came back into the game and brought the score at 4-4. However, Cilic and Karlovic won the following two games and won the set. There were a lot of aces in this set: 2 for Cilic/Karlovic and 3 for Bellucci/Harrison.

The second set had as many aces as the first one, with the same proportion. Here, however, Bellucci and Harrison started to take advantage after the game equitably got to 3-3. And this despite the fact that the winning pair lost 2 break points.

The last set was undoubtedly the most intense, ending at 8-10. Here, handling the pressure was the decisive factor. No ace, no double faults, no break points and nerves extended to the max! Bellucci and Harrison just lost it towards the end and the experienced Karlovic was key to the Croatians’ success. Great game overall, too bad it took so much time of my morning 😀

Tennis on 12.03.2011 – recap


Tommy Robredo Tommy Robredo vs. Mischa Zverev Mischa Zverev

Man hon have I underestimated Zverev in this post! The game was really tight, with Robredo winning in the last set. The score was 63 36 75 and the battle was intense! In the end, I have to admit, Robredo was the better player. He had 4 aces in the first set, but also 3 double faults. He still won the first set easily though.

The second set was Zverev’s, and this is how I won my bet! It had the same score, 6-3, but this time for Zverev. Robredo still made 3 double fouls in this one, while Zverev only one. And if Robredo dominated the first serve wins in the first set, Zverev clearly dominated the second one. Robredo won just one break point out of 6 in this set, which is surprising to be honest. Zverev lost just 2 out of 4 break points and this largely contributed to him winning the set.

The last set was definitely the most intense. It ended at 7-5 for Robredo, bringing him the victory. In this set I tend to think Zverev was the better player, with 3 aces, more first serves than his opponent and 8/10 break points saved! This means Robredo won just 2 break points out of 10! That really added tension to this set! In the end though, Robredo didn’t let Zverev get past 5 games and beat him at 7-5. Enjoyable game, I must say! And I won 2.82 units here. Thanks Zverev!

Jarkkp Nieminen Jarkko Nieminen vs. Albert Montanes Albert Montanes

This game, like the previous one, was also decided in the last set. The final score was 76 26 76. Albert Montanes made a lot of “forbiden” mistakes, like his 8 double faults! Statistically, I’d say the Finnish looks better (in all sets he won 6 games!), but this is not what matters: Montanes sneaked the victory in the last set and goes through in the tournament.

The first set, won by Montanes, was rather balanced. Montanes had 3 double faults and missed a break point. The second set saw Nieminen in a clearly better form: 3 aces and 4 break points saved out of four! He won by a large difference at 6-2. In the last set too, I think Nieminen was better. Montanes made 4 double faults here, but he did save 3 break points out of 4. Good game from both players, and financially it went well too: I anticipated Montanes to win and thus got 1.23 units back from Bwin!